Training with Coach Grancy


Let's Get Started  1-2-3

Let's get you on the FAST TRACK to make money TODAY!

Go to your Cliqly site and look on the left side for the TABS.   Look for "Live Training-Updates-Flash Discount Sales."  There are some AMAZING trainings to watch...  Some are.over an hour but packed with amazing info! I watched one of them 4 times before it sunk.  But having me as your Coach, I'm hoping to save you some teaching time and get right to it!

Here are your SIMPLE daily duties

You were given 200,000 List Building Credits, 500,000 Cliqly Pro Credits and 5000 subscribers to start. 

  Trial Members

Go to Cliqly PRO on Cliqly Site.  Scroll to bottom of this page.   You will send:

75,000 Cliqly Pro Credits.  

You do this by sending 

5,000 X 15 time.  

You can do all this at one time, changing your send times for each batch.

  This should only take 10 minutes. 

THEN go to Cliqly List Building

 You will send 40,000 List Building Credits.  You will send:

20,000 X 2   

You are done for today.  

Check your commissions!

Platinum Members

When you have run out of FREE credits, it is time to UPGRADE  for only $97!

When you upgrade you become a Platinum Member

This will give you 200,000 more List Building Credits and 500,000 More CliqlyPro Credits.   That is another

 $500 value in credits!

NOW you can go to Cliqly PRO again on Cliqly site...left side. 

1.  Send 100,000 CliqlyPro Credits.  That done by sending :

5,000 X 20! 

...and now Cliqly List Building

2.  Step 2:  Send List Building Credits 

20,000 X 2



Turning to a PRO doesn't involve you having to do or buy anything.  

It automatically happens about 10 days after you pay to be Platinum.  This gives you the chance to train and learn how to do your emailing a day ahead.  

Once you are PRO you cannot send the same day.  

I don't want you to miss a single day of earnings so be sure to learn how to do this.  IN FACT, you can set your emails to go out for an entire week.  


You will send out the Same amount of emails as you did in Platinum.  

**As your List Builds, you will go up levels and be able to send more.  That is our goal here:)



Buying more Credits to Build your Business

Here is where you make the decision to build slow or fast.  You can buy more credits, join co-ops, buy subscribers...this business has no limits.  

These options are listed all over the site.  Read, listen, ask and then make your decision. 

Make more MONEY helping others

Cliqly's Affiliate Program is OPTIONAL!  Many members make money only doing their daily clicks. 

But some of us love to share this with others and if you do, you will earn:

$97 per referral

5% of all future credit purchases they make...  

This can be a great strategy to build your business.  Use your money from affiliate pay to purchase more click credits!

My favorite way to do business is watching others SUCCEED. 

Your link to share with others is on your commission page.  

Business Tips



Be sure to save receipts and mileage. Also  if you use a room in your house strictly for a home business, you have many write-offs.  See the Government Tax Laws


*Keep a spread sheet of how much you are spending and earning. Goal is to quickly always be in profit.

*Be BRAVE.  When you first start your doubts will come.  Reach out to me.  Schedule your one-on-one training, listen to  company calls, join Facebook for more strategies and ideas....

*Find a partner to work with. 

*Write down your goals

*Make this FUN!!!!

What is your Goal in this?

Build your list! Subscribers! Openers!

Subscribers are your goal.  On the Cliqly Site they are called OPENERS. These are the people who actually go into the emails you send and CLICK on your link. Once they do, you have added them to your personal subscriber list.  These are the people you forever will be sending emails and offers to. 


Cliqly List Building Credits  are what you are emailing... IE one email per person.  

Like sending a letter at the post office. 


CliqlyPRO is the service you pay to send them out.  This would be like adding a postage stamp to your mail. 

**As your business builds there is an additional mailing service you can purchase that will add to your efforts.  Most cost effective after you have 30,000 or more subscribers. 


If you want to invite Affiliates..

*People also may sign up from your advertising...

I have been in Internet Marketing over 30 years.  The most important part for me is to reach out and make a connection.  If you have talked to friends...or other potential friends, here is a simple email to send out. Tweak it to fit you.  Include your link:


 Hey Ashley,

Thanks for requesting more information on how you can make money DAILY by following a SUPER SIMPLE system.   If you are still dreaming…this is for YOU!

I am currently a Music Teacher but have also enjoyed working side hustles since 1988 .Like most Americans, I have watched the cost of living sky rocket and needed to add income to my regular pay check.  Some of those businesses have earned me $500-$30,000 PER MONTH.  

My favorite part was helping other people do the same.  I hope I can help YOU!

Recently I began to do some research, training and due diligence to find something I would love to do and could make myself and others make money. 

I have been searching for many months and am now convinced that I don’t want to “Sell things”…rather use the power of the internet to use a small time each day to grow a nice income  The internet is growing each day and I want a piece of that pie. 

This search has led me to Cliqly. It blew my mind!  This company is an email advertising business where  we get paid to send out emails (via their system) and make money per click.  I’ve looked and tried other “per click” sites but this one is GENIUS!

Right now I can offer you  a FREE TRIAL(Valued over $500)  

Cliqly and I (Coach Grancy)  will get you started.  What is amazing is that you begin to make money day 1!    There will be enough business credits for you to try it Free for 5 days. 

Then, if you choose, you can upgrade for a one-time fee of $97.  That will open the entire system to you including more training and more business credits.

On my first day I actually listened to the training, did my first “Clicking” and upgraded that same day because I saw that it works!!

After upgrading,  you can choose how big you would like to grow your monthly income. I am working on strategies to keep building by using the money I am paid with Cliqly. You can build your income by clicking 10 minutes each day.  

Cliqly has recently opened a referral program if you also want to help others, but not necessary.  This pays you $97  per referral and 5% on any future purchases for life made by your new team mate.  

Here is my link so sign up for the FREE TRIAL: (Your number on XXXX-your link is on your commission site)

If you sign up, let me know!  I will personally get you started with my 1-2-3 training and you can start making money TODAY!


If you’re considering this you are still dreaming.  Let me help you live your dreams. 


Coaching YOU to live your dream, 


Nancy Porter...

"Coach Grancy"



If Someone has signed up for a Trial Member or Platinum

Here is a sample to get started... 

Congratulations Ashley!

Today is the day you have started to DREAM again!   Listen!  Don't FEAR just JUMP in!  

Before you read another thing, reach out to me to schedule  your Step-By-Step  PERSONAL TRAINING.

 You can have money in your account TODAY!  This is REAL!

I have done my research.  I studied all the Training Videos on the Cliqly site, read the Facebook posts and listened to the calls to WRAP MY HEAD around what it would take to make money.  EUREKA!  I figured it out.  It is not  a GET RICH QUICK but rather a legit way to build a business for a lifetime.  I am here to be your partner every step of the way 


When we set up the training have a pen and paper and a way to look at your Cliqly Site.  


I am so excited to start this journey with you.   DON'T DELAY!  CONTACT ME NOW and we will start building your future.  


Nancy (Coach Grancy) Porter

Phone Number:


If you are an over-achiever, you can start listening to the trainings on the site.  



Here is another Example of First Email


You have started your email marketing journey with a free trial for Cliqly. You are probably asking yourself some questions like “now what” and “how does this work”. All the details are below!

CliqlyPro is a credit-based email marketing program.

There are List Building Credits and Email Credits.

How to start?

With this 5-day free trial you get:

200,000 List Building Credits

500,000 Email credits

5,000 Free email lead/subscribers

After your free trial you need to upgrade to continue for one-time $97-What you get for upgrading?

200,000 List Building Credits

500,000 Email Credits

15% discount code for 1st week

You will also receive access to coupon codes and sales for future credit packages.


1. How does this work?

a. You send emails to your list, every time someone clicks on the link in your email you earn .10--every time someone joins through your referral link you earn $97

2. How much do I need to earn to get paid?

a. You need to hit $300 before you are eligible for pay. Every time you hit another $300 you will get paid.

3. How do I get paid?

a. You will need to Submit Payment information and W9 (instructions on website).

4. Will I actually make money or lose money always buying credits?

a. After you initial credits run out you need to buy more to build up your list. The bigger the list, the bigger your income. You will need to continue to buy credits BUT you will also continue to earn.

b. Example: My first month I spent a total of $213 ($97 initial upgrade, $58x2 list building credits). My commission after 1 month was $502. That is a $289 profit.

5. How much do more credits cost?

a. There are multiple packages ranging from $97 to $900. Remember, there are usually coupon codes for a % off as well as sales. Buy new credits during those sales!

b. The BEST option is always going to be the biggest package-however it is not required. The smaller pages also allow you to earn it will just be a slower process.

Reminder to watch ALL the training sessions on the Cliqly website. This will answer so many of your questions. If you are still unsure after watching, please reach out to me.

Excited for you to get started!


P.S. Want to maximize your sales?

Send 5,000 CliqlyPro emails every hour.

Sent 20,000 List building emails 2x day.

(This should only take about 10 mins to schedule them all for the day.)

IF someone messages you on Facebook, you can respond with something like this. 

Here is the info: They offer a 5 day FREE trial! 1. The task: Spend 10 minutes a day sending emails. 

2. Learn more here & to register:

 3. Let me know when you have joined & upgraded so I can add you to our chat.

 4. Earn commissions . You are NOT required to pay during the trial period. You can spend 5-10 minutes a day sending your emails and make roughly $10+/day which would add up by not doing a whole lot. You will have to UPGRADE (which I highly recommend doing immediately- you will want to continually grow your list, get more emails so you send more each day which then pays you more… Long term- its only $97 & you’re also able to refer others to the opportunity. Once they upgrade and pay the $97 you get 100% of that money! Then you’ll get 5% residual thereafter... anytime they purchase more emails/credits. So it adds up between sending emails and referring! Just another easy stream of money. No brainer! We are Here to help


Sample Roadmap to build your Business...

**This is just a sample strategy and not a depends on daily clicks.   

Start with a FREE TRIAL:

You will receive:

5000 Subscribers (Openers)

200,000 List-building Credits

500,000 Email Pro Credits

These credits and subscribers is valued over $500!  The company spends this money for you to get an actual picture of how you can succeed with only 10 minutes of work per day!


As a FREE TRIAL member you daily task is to send out:

40,000 List-Building Credits  (Send out 20,000 two times)

75,000 Pro-Credits (5,000 Fifteen Times)


**This will last about 5 days.  You will see the money adding up into your account for each day.  

You can choose at ANY TIME to decide to Upgrade and start this as your business.  The cost is only $97!

This will give you another 

200,000 List-Building Credits and 500,000 Email Pro Credits


This will bring you out about a total of 10 days.  From this point you will make our next business spending decision.  Cliqly will pay out once you hit $300 and this will take about 20 days of clicking.  

Here are some ways to do this:

For those who want to build slower..    You will need to purchase List-Building Credits.

Cliqly runs FLASH sales.  Many times gives 40% off packages.   There is a $97  Deal where you get 100,000 credits..with 40% off that comes to $58.20.   (That's another 5 days)      You can continue to add lower cost packages to fit your budget.  

OR  there is another package where you receive 2 million credits for $677..with discount now $406.20 

One of the greatest deal, if you can afford it, gives you credit for  40 days.  By this time you will already be getting payouts and can go forward by using money you have earned to by additional credits.  This is a deal they run where you can buy 2 million credits and they double it to 4 million and also they give a bonus of 4 million Pro Credits for $ add that 40% discount and your cost will only be $526.20 

In a list building business the more credits you can purchase at one time, the cheaper your cost will be per credit. 


ALSO.....if you are a person that is willing or wanting to share this with others, you will receive the entire $97 when they sign up.  This could help with your initial package purchasing.  



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